LLC «Innovation company MEVODENA»
Bonch-Bryuevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications

Wednesday, 31.05.2023

R&D projects


For a number of years the project team specializes in the field of physical-chemistry of a surface as well as of membrane-hydrogen technologies. The corresponding investigations was carried out in the frame work of EURATOM project at Ecole Polytechnique, France, Japanese national programs at Tokyo and Nagoya Universities, at Hydrogen Isotope Research Center (Toyama University), at National Institute for Fusion Science and at Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, as well as in the framework of two projects of International Scientific Technical Center jointly with laboratories of United State (LANL and Argon), Europe (Ecole Polytechnique and FZK Karlsruhe), and Japan (Hydrogen Isotope Research Center and National Institute for Fusion Science).

The subject of these researches was, in particular, the phenomenon of superpermeability of metals to energetic hydrogen particles discovered by founders of LLC "MEVODENA”. In these works hydrogen transport through 5 group metals has been thoroughly investigated, the first samples of vanadium, tantalum and niobium membranes have been made, and specific experience of operation with them was got.

Presently, the mane research efforts are directed at the development of composite membranes on the base of 5 group metals for hydrogen separation of gas mixtures for the problems of hydrogen energy, in particular, for creation of power supply on the base of fuel cells.

In the framework of these researches R&D work «Development of technical offers on membrane system for hydrogen extraction from a reaction zone as a part of the converter of diesel fuel with confirmation of offers by tests of a laboratory sample of membrane system according to "program" coordinated FGUP CNII CET” was executed by request of the Central research institute of ship electrical equipment and technology in January – March, 2012.

In 2012 - 2013 R&D work on development of import-substituting technology of membrane separation of hydrogen from a zone of reaction of the converter of organic fuel and on creation of the relevant membrane system within contracts with Scientific Center "Fuel cells and hydrogen energy” was performed.

In 2013 - 2014 R&D work on development of technology of creation of composite membrane system for hydrogen separation as a part of the converter of natural gas for electrochemical power supply of a megawatt class by request of Federal State Unitary "Enterprise Krylovsky State Scientific Center" was carried out.

In the spring of 2014  LLC "Innovative company MEVODENA" received Minigrant of Skolkovo Foundation (the co-investor was Bonch-Bruyevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications) on carrying out independent researches of characteristics of the Product developed by the company. Works on this grant were performed in June - August, 2014.

Now there is a preparation for submission of materials for receiving the first stage grant Skolkovo  2015 - 2017 within which production of prototypes of the Product is supposed.